Painters Painting Painting and South Parade are excited to launch the joint solo exhibition of British artist Poppy Jones. Her series, ‘Bright Sleep’ is staged as an online display on PPP and a physical exhibition at South Parade, tracing a distinct process of printing Poppy worked on during the lockdowns of the past year. So much of printmaking follows rigorous procedures, but Poppy’s routine is much more intuitive and unpredictable. No two are the same, each impossible to replicate exactly. She calls the process ‘shadowing’: each image suggests or mimics reality, as a shadow does.

There’s an unmistakable familiarity to what she sees – because we see it too. But where we might consider such moments fleeting, Poppy makes them last forever.

‘Bright Sleep’ runs from 12th August to 11th September. Head to PPP’s site to read an essay written by Ted Targett.

Date: August 12 — August 112021
Photography: Corey Bartle-Anderson