Nonbody Nonthing No Thing is the first solo exhibition by Rhea Dillon. Comprising of new sculpture and painting, the show is a series of deconstructions and reconfigurations, which come together to form a poethic exploration of Blackness.

Developed during her residency at V.O Curations, Nonbody Nonthing No Thing continues Dillon’s interest in understanding objects as a system through which to consider Black Britishness and postcoloniality. Incorporating found materials, language and other diverse media, the artist focuses on the potential of objects to unsettle layers of sedimented meaning, and as receptacles for personal and shared memory or trauma. Within a condition of chaos, Dillon employs abstraction as a strategy to resist objectification; the refusal to be legible pushing against the ‘visible invisibility’ of the Black (woman’s) body.

Date: October 15 — November 112021
Photography: Theo Christelis