In Shade presents a series of works that are made using umbrellas that were found in a French countryside garden. Over years, they were exposed to varying weather conditions and became the homes to parasites. They slowly became ridden with holes and traces of dirt.

An umbrella i s a folding canopy supported by wooden or metal ribs and usually mounted on a pole. Here, the umbrellas have been dismantled and stabilised i n their positions on a concave cardboard form. These are presented in liminal positions and appear inverted from their functional states; neither open nor closed. The textile’s graphic patterns seem to address geometric abstraction, even so this i s countered by their washed-out tones and degraded condition. The organic quality takes over.

In other works from the exhibition, the umbrella’s ribs have been used to create a domed sphere. From these, there are cardboard elements painted with an orange color suggestive of street signs. However there i s no clear information legible, rather emptiness i s framed. By restricting access to specified data, the subjects instead become intertwined i n the roles of the grounds or supports.

A print on one canopy depicts seductive lips, hearts, and the handwritten word “Paris”. These clichés promote a spoiled but constructed vision of an ever more generic experience, causing the void between the i mage and the reality to swell.

Date: September 25 — November 72021