Happy Mechanics, a group exhibition featuring work by Knut Henrik Henriksen, Lubaina Himid, Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt, Ellen Lesperance, Nancy Lupo, Manfred Pernice, Stuart Sherman,
Hayley Tompkins, Amelie von Wulffen and B. Wurtz. Happy Mechanics concerns the vitalistic qualities and affective power of the object as it fuses symbolism, substance and systems of construction. These are objects which bear their materialities, excitations and executions on their sleeve, retaining the integrity of respective source material while coalescing subjective expression, intimacy and exuberance.Specifically, Happy Mechanics shares in the object’s affective potential as it integrates the substance and
materiality of the everyday: sweet wrappers, magic marker and glitter; wooden carts, lasagna pans and store-bought wallpaper; plastic bins, shirt sleeves, foodstuffs and trinkets.

Date: December 18, 2021 — January 292022