Hiro’s work is concerned above all with the unknowability of the body and its physical and psychological depths. He marries such influences as the vanguard experiments in movement and matter of the historic Gutai group from his native Osaka with the West Coast performance scene he discovered upon moving to California in 1991. Stemming from his background in filmmaking, Hiro’s process involves a constant back-and-forth between instinctive gestures and careful mark-making, which he likens to the dichotomies of actor/director, subconscious/conscious, filming/editing, or dream/awake, among others. Struggling with the notion that much of one’s body can only be perceived through a mediated form such as a camera or mirror, Hiro places himself as both the artist and subject, working intensely between the two states until their boundaries blur and he reaches ‘a complete void’.

Date: October 9 — November 132021