Endings is the confluence of two practices driven as one, where the exchanges between the artists become a single proposal written by them both. The two accomplices share singular methods based on the architecture of the building. They appropriate its lines of force and redefine its boundaries. Thus they influence and condition the behavior of the public into a transformed space. The interventions are almost imperceptibles and force to reconsider one’s own perceptions. They construct an environment that suggests
a fiction but which does not come from any particular story. The space is the main protagonist of this plot. Its structure only partially conceals its activity, fictional or real – where traces of an absence are still detectable. Bastien Gachet and Rebecca Kunz lead the audience through an entangled construction whose parts add to a common narrative : a subtle relationship of imbalances and potentialities. Endings embraces the framework which surrounds the art object and its display, the conditioning, assumptions and expectations that it embodies.

Date: April 24 — May 302021
Photography: Julien Gremaud