Exhibitions Archive

February 2022

You're Finally Awake

January 2021

La Psychologie Des Serrures: Ruiz Stephinson, Manuela Gernedel & Fiona Mackay, Zuzanna Czebatul, Alex Ayed, Sarah Margnetti, Hadas Auerbach, Hamish Pearch, Robert Brambora, Jacent at Sans titre (2016) in collaboration with the CAN Team
Max Schmidtlein, FELIX GAUDLITZ
Coming of Age: Matt Copson at High Art
Take Me, I Love You: Timur Si-Qin at von ammon co.
Reggie Burrows Hodges at Karma
100mph: Rebecca Ackroyd at Peres Projects
Heartbeats: Patricia Fernández at Commonwealth and Council

February 2021

Don pur de la nature: Naoki Sutter-Shudo at Bodega
Don't Take This Too: Ludovic Nkoth at François Ghebaly
After Hours: Owen Fu at Balice Hertling
Quince Moon: Ernst Yohji Jaeger at Croy Nielsen
A Platypus Glows Under Blacklight: Alex Olson at Altman Siegel
Melancholia: Florian & Michael Quistrebert at Crèvecœur
AMAZING: Ulala Imai at Nonaka-Hill

March 2021

The Storm: Jordan Kasey at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery
American Surrealist: Clarence Holbrook Carter at Various Small Fires
Woody De Othello, About Face, Karma

April 2021

Different times, different Paul: Anne Bourse at Crèvecœur
The Work Life Effect: Liam Gillick at Gwangju Museum of Art
Ljiljana Blazevska at 15 Orient
Speculative Objects: Emily Mae Smith at rodolphe janssen
Le Marteau sans maître: Stefania Batoeva at Galeria Nicodim
Cascadence: Terry Adkins, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, John T. Gast, and Brandon Ndife at Altman Siegel
Something Vexes Thee? : Jessie Makinson at François Ghebaly, Los Angeles

May 2021

Reflexivity: Olga Pedan at Sundy
The Future Never Sat Still: Tiril Hasselknippe at DREI
window where we: Nancy Lupo at Dawid Radziszewski Gallery
Sing me a Song: Djordje Ozbolt at Herald St | Museum St
The Manner of Working Events: Gregory Kalliche and Kristin Walsh at Helena Anrather
Things Happen In A Silent Way: Jorge Satorre and ASMA at Labor and PEANA
Night Blessings: Katherina Olschbaur at Union Pacific
Cascade: Sean Steadman at Project Native Informant
Call it what you want: Kayode Ojo at Sweetwater
Destino vas muy rápido: Samuel Guerrero at Lodos
Kathleen Ryan at Karma
Temples: Daiga Grantina at Emalin
BXL x EMERGENT: Bent Van Looy, Isaac Lythgoe at EMERGENT
My refuge, my treasure, without body, without measure: Agnes Scherer at Gallery ChertLüdde
Balandis: Algirdas Šeškus at PM8 / Francisco Salas
homeplace: Larry Achiampong, Patty Chang, Shezad Dawood, Rhea Dillon, DeSe Escobar, Madelynn Green, Nadya Isabella, Athena Papadopoulos, Mohammed Sami, and Urara Tsuchiya at V.O Curations
Midnight Everywhere: Alexander Harrison at Various Small Fires
Carol Rhodes at Alison Jacques Gallery
Void-scaping: Veronika Neukirch at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop

June 2021

Out of Reach: Li Ran at Christian Andersen
Combined Vessels: Piotr Łakomy at Galeria Stereo
Slash & Burn II: Marcin Dudek at Harlan Levey Projects
Three Works: Ida Ekblad, Jessi Reaves, Diane Simpson at Herald St
Endings: Bastien Gachet & Rebecca Kunz at CAN Centre d’art Neuchâtel
Isabelle Cornaro at Francesca Pia
Agnès V. Par Jenna G: Jenna Gribbon at Sim Smith
Faith is a Cascade: Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger at SEAGER Gallery
A Good Day to Die: Dana Powell & John Garcia at The Green Gallery
Autumn Cloth: Tenant of Culture at SOPHIE TAPPEINER
Psychosomatic: Erin Bagley, Olivia Erlanger, Trulee Hall, Dwyer Kilcollin, Anne Libby, Amelia Lockwood, Nevine Mahmoud, Kristen Morgin, Amanda Ross-Ho, Alison Saar, Anna Sew Hoy, Alison Veit, Rosha Yaghmai, Amy Yao, and Isabel Yellin at Various Small Fires
Doublespeak: Joseph Yaeger at Project Native Informant
Polaroids 1972–2021: Walter Pfeiffer at Galerie Gregor Staiger
Split: Viola Głowacka and Jan Eustachy Wolski at Piktogram

July 2021

Too fast too knight: Bella Hunt & ddc at A.ROMY
Things you take, things you take too far: Sam Bakewell at Corvi-Mora
Unruly Suspension: Felipe Baeza at MAUREEN PALEY
Assholes: Motoko Ishibashi at V.O Curations
The Enlightenment of the Witch: David Altmejd at David Kordansky Gallery
Things That Happen When We Are Not Looking: Minyoung Choi at Lychee One
Chamber Paintings: Brian Longe at Sow & Tailor
kSuL22svwBxgJ2Z: David Ostrowski & Oliver Osborne at Pas une Orange
Heather Guertin & Leonel Salguero at Siembra | kurimanzutto
untitled Arrangement: Tom Holmes, Kyung-Me, Brandon Ndife, Christine Rebet, Julia Rommel at BUREAU
Cake on the Floor: Shannon Cartier Lucy at Soft Opening
Volumen und Kapazität: Max Ruf at Die Treppe / Jan Kiefer
I GOT UP: Sophie Calle, Delia Gonzalez, Dan Graham, On Kawara, Georgia Sagri, Scratch Orchestra, Serapis Maritime at Hot Wheels Athens

August 2021

Landscape: Gene Beery, Whitney Claflin, E'wao Kagoshima, Alexandra Noel, Ben Sakoguchi at Bodega
Moon in Earthlight: Wolfgang Tillmans at Morena di Luna

September 2021

Outros Ofícios: Antonio Obá at Mendes Wood DM
Bright Sleep: Poppy Jones at South Parade
Fair Use: What’s Mine is Yours: Darren Bader, Bethany Collins, Troy Lamarr Chew II, Simon Denny, Laeh Glenn, Trevor Paglen, Sara VanDerBeek at Altman Siegel
Arcadian Feedback, Jeenho Seo, Kevin Hernández Rosa, Sae Jun Kim, Stella Zhong, M23, New York
Together at Last! … Pierrot & Harlequin, in a rural fantasy: Nils Alix-Tabeling at Piktogram
Funny Looking: Alexandra Noel at Antenna Space
Favolacce: Pietro di Corrado at Dimora Artica
†: Jan Kiefer at Oreilles Internaxionales
Imaga: Stanislava Kovalcikova at 15orient
Obsidian Mirror: Donna Huanca at Peres Projects
3.0 at Chapter NY
Void Fill: Andra Ursuţa at David Zwirner

October 2021

The Emerald Tablet: Ariana Papademetropoulos at Jeffrey Deitch
The Grotesk of Raising: Kinke Kooi at Adams and Ollman
Hola Strangers: Ulala Imai at Lulu by X Museum
Night-time: Henni Alftan at Sprüth Magers
The Host: Pakui Hardware at East Contemporary
Reality Show: Dylan Vandenhoeck at Matthew Brown
Starter Kit: Cudelice Brazelton IV at Galerie Barbara Weiss
Surface Tension: Hannah Levy at The Arts Club of Chicago
Manoucher Yektai: at Karma
Ordained, Horny and Horned at Veda
Lunar Conveniences: Francisco Sierra at Von Bartha
Graham Little at Alison Jacques
Nonbody Nonthing No Thing: Rhea Dillon at V.O Curations
Fictions: Brook Hsu at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler
Revocable Consents: David L. Johnson at Theta
Giving up the Ghost at Sow & Tailor

November 2021

Spectacle of a Wreck: Pam Evelyn at Peres Projects
Crickets in the City of Spare Parts: Dan Herschlein at Matthew Brown
Damaged by Miracles: Max Hooper at High Art
Francine: Dustin Hodges at 15 Orient
Immaculate Misconceptions: Pippa Garner at Joan
The Song: Tom Allen at Chris Sharp
The Song: Tom Allen at Chris Sharp
Forever & Ever: Ross Caliendo at Ross and Kramer
Blood Type: Dozie Kanu at PSNY
Fragments at ADZ
Green Door: Naotaka Hiro at Herald St
Fault Line: Kelly Akashi at François Ghebaly
Coil: Maria Toumazou at Hot Wheels Athens
In Shade: Clémence de La Tour du Pin at Smart Objects
Paysages d’interieurs: Claire Tabouret at Perrotin
Haze Machine: Rose Marcus and Andy Meerow at Bodega
A Still Life: Srijon Chowdhury at Ciaccia Levi

December 2021

In Resonance with David Byrd at Fleisher/Ollman
Matthew Peers | Max Ruf at Lady Helen
See Me So: Anne Libby at Night Gallery
Bloom Inward: Jack Otway at Ginny on Frederick
Tails and Heads at Clearing
Happy Mechanics at Hollybush Gardens

January 2020

Condo London: Tim Brawner, Brook Hsu, Aks Misyuta, Adam Shaw, Philip Siebel at Union Pacific

February 2020

Skiing Snowman: Jan Kiefer at The Swiss Institute

November 2020

Vanessa's: Marie Angeletti at Carlos Ishikawa
A Decade of Submission: Özgür Kar at Édouard Montassut
Welcome to the itchy truths: Cezary Poniatowski at Stereo
David Ostrowski & Angharad Williams at Lady Helen
Icon Maintenance: Sofia Defino Leiby, Luzie Meyer, Megan Plunkett, Constantin Thun at Sweetwater

December 2020

Braid: Monique Mouton at VEDA
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Dick Scorned: Zuzanna Czebatul at Sans Titre (2016)
Nina Manobra at JIR SANDEL
Metropolis: Renato D'Agostin at NEUTRO
Hosai Matsubayashi XVI, Trevor Shimizu, Nonaka Hill
PAPER EDEN: Megumi Shinozaki at Nonaka Hill